The Vietnam war was a difficult war to fight. We fought this war to stop the spread of communism. At first it was just a conflict but then it was a full out war. There are many reasons why we lost the war like we weren’t ready for thier way of fighting. Also we didn’t have a the support from our citizens like the other wars we had. Finally the Vietnamese were fight for thier country.
We were trying to fight a conventional war but the Vietnamese were fighting a unconventional fight. We were not ready for thier gorilla warfare. U.S soldiers didn’t know who was the enemy, they weren’t wearing uniforms. They would look like innocent people until they pull a gun out. We weren’t prepared for it, that’s a big reason why we couldn’t win the war.
When we fought WW1 and WW2 we had all of America helping to fight it. But not with this war, because of television people didn’t support the war. They even spit on the soldiers when they came back from the war. People were protesting it saying it was uncesssary and we should stop fighting it. They called soldiers baby killers and other bad this.
The Vietnamese were fighting for thier independence likes we did against the British. Our soldiers were motatvated like they were. We didn’t stand a chance against them. They would risk thier lives for thier country. We couldn’t of won this war.