The article of confederation had many problems to deal with. Then the constitution fixed all those problems. The article of confederation had a weak government that couldn’t hold up any country. The article of confederation didnt let congress levy taxes, and could only borrow money on credit. There was no executive branch to enforce laws. Also states made there own currency. The constitution had a executive, judicial, and legislative branch to create, enforce, and make sure the laws are not against the constitution. The constitution also limited power of a central government so that they won’t have the same government they had with Britain. In the article of confederation the states had more power so the constitution divided power between the Federal government and state governments. After the article of confederation people were afraid that the central government will have to much power they separated into to groups Federalist who were for the constitution and Anti-federalist who were against it. The they drafted a bill of rights which limited the central government and protected the people’s rights. The constitution really was a big deal for the U.S., that was when we made a government that works.



Independence Speech 

   My fellow colonist this is the day where we need to fight back and win our independence. The word Britain isn’t my favorite word for many reasons. British are many things that are all not good. I have a strong dislike for the British but we are Englishmen too so why don’t we have the same rights as them. Why do they think they are so much better than us and why do they think they have the right to tax us without any word from us. It stupid how we can’t governor ourselves without the British coming in and treating us like children. I’m glad that we are finally standing up for our freedom. It about time too. With all the taxes like the stamp act, tea act, and the stupid Townshend acts that they put on us because we dumped some their tea in the harbor. We are people and not a scolding child that you have to punish if we act out. I’m a young southern women from South Carolina and I’m tired of the taxing and the killing and the rights that we are being deprived of.  I want to have a say in the government and not some rich british group of men that don’t even live here. I can’t want to cut all ties to the British. I am completely tired of the British. They are useless, they should just leave us alone and let us governor ourselves.  All I can’t say is we need to fight for our independence or die trying.



What Bearcat Pride means to you

Bearcat Pride means that as a whole school we are proud to be called bearcats. It also means we have to hold a reputation of being a good school by doing what is right. That why we have rules and why we reward good students showing Bearcat Pride. It like that saying “once a bearcat, always a bearcat”. that quote was made by one of our principle. That shows you that we are proud to be bearcats.